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Bath To Shower Conversion System

Why Partner With Quick Tub?

Feeling safe should not be something you worry about when you are headed to the shower.   Brandon knows this and wants to help. As a former EMT, he saw his fair share of slips, trips, and falls in the bathroom.  The Quick Tub transformation system is a game changer that is affordable and can keep seniors in their homes longer or be a great addition to senior living situations!    As one of the only Quick Tub Certified Installers in the Area, Brandon and his team at Fisch Restoration are your go to choice!

If you’re new to the tub conversion world, we encourage you to check out why we think that Quick Tub is the only suitable choice for the Job!

The Essential Choice In Bathroom Safety

So Simple

Our high-quality products provide a simple solution to life’s ever-changing dynamics. The quickest, easiest, and most economical way to add a step-in bathtub with shower to a home.

Senior Woman Standing in Step-In Bathtub
Clean, Refinished Bathtub

Features and Benefits

◾ Reductions of up to 12” in step through height
◾ Aids in slip and fall safety
◾ Smooth surfaces make cleaning easier and better resemble your bathtub’s finish
All inserts are fully compatible with our Quick Tub Cap which allows for instantaneous. changes from the shower to fully functional bathtub and back
◾ Industry leading 5 year warranty

Keep Your Tub!

The patented Quick Tub Cap lets you convert back to a fully functional bathtub in only seconds. This light- weight product (often referred to as a door) maintains full use of your bathtub for both a shower and a bath. Nothing to install, just drop it in place, close the handles and you’re ready to go. The zinc cast and chromed handles make securing or opening the cap as simple as it gets. Guaranteed not to leak!

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